“I don’t know who decided on that color, but it’s awful.”
“I want to paint my house in that new color.”
HMS Employees on the new brand colors

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One Look. One Voice. One Company.

HMS, a cost containment solutions provider in the healthcare industry, identified a big area of opportunity in the employer and health plan segments, but needed a brand story and refresh to compete with other players in the space. Having been the dominant company in the federal and state markets for over 40 years as one of the pioneers of the healthcare cost containment industry, it was time to bring that expertise to a wider audience and move healthcare forward.

Overview Video

An overview video launched the brand to the new market and existing customer, and became a prominent feature on the redesigned website for the first six months.

Internal Launch Videos

An introduction video to the new face of HMS was created for the internal launch of the rebrand along with a video highlighting some of the new changes. Both videos were shown at brand reveal celebration in addition to being featured on the revamped intranet.

One Look Guide

A robust brand style guide was developed and featured on the marketing and communications section of the company intranet to provide a consistency to the new HMS.

One Look Guide cover
HMS brand colors with color mix profiles and color coding for markets
Solid and line art icon styles with a small library of icons
Internet, intranet and email marketing styles

Sales Materials

Case studies, sales sheets and product sheet templates provided the sales team tools for tradeshows and meetings. Robust presentation templates promoted consistent branding for pitch meetings. Color-coding made it easy to delineate the four markets at a quick glance, while icons focused on the three service lines.

Two sided sales sheets examples with color coding for market differentiation Presentation template slide exerpts

Environmental and Way-finding Graphics

For the ten-story headquarters in Las Colinas, Texas, the brand was introduced into the stark workspace adding color and reinforcing the one company message. Color was also used as way-finding with each floor divided into color-coded quadrants. Conference rooms and offices followed the same pattern, so it became easy to find the blue conference room on the seventh floor or the someone in the purple quadrant of the third floor. A couple of directors said they saw a rise in morale from the introduction of color, images and messaging in their work areas which was an effect we hadn’t anticipated.

Large lobby wall graphic featuring the new tagline Enterprising Healthcare Large lobby wall graphic featuring the new brand descriptors - bold, inspired and successful Training Room graphic featuring the new HMS colors and icons
Third floor entrance graphic on curved wall featuring the new HMS colors and icons
Fourth floor entrance graphic on curved wall featuring the new HMS colors and icons
Seventh floor entrance graphic on curved wall featuring the new HMS colors and icons
Color coded columns to identify each quadrant of the building for easy way-finding featuring service icons and a large floor number
Green conference room graphics for way-finding and privacy
Purple conference room graphics for way-finding and privacy
Blue office window graphics for way-finding and privacy
  • Creative Director: Tad Dobbs
  • Copywriters: Julie Shultz, Brad Cope, Francesca Marraro and Ali Adams
  • Designers: Tad Dobbs, Adrian Garza, Allie Trimboli and Randy Padorr-Black
  • Video Editing: Chris Fumerola
  • Agencies: Peterson Ray & Company and Magic Production Group

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