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Electric Bikes for the Cool Kids

Kilowatt Bikes specializes in high-end electric bikes that perform well and look great doing it. The flagship bike features a bamboo and carbon-fiber frame that is lightweight, eco-friendly and durable. The brand needed to appeal to casual cyclists who were green-focused, but not necessarily exercise enthusiasts. All bike’s feature a pedal-assist feature that allows riders to pedal without having to bear the brunt of the work.


The logomark features a gear shaped K with a lightning bolt element playing off the speed and the battery component. An adaptive color system was created for the logo to be flexible enough for all bike finish applications with warm grey as the anchor color.

Kilowatt Bikes logo


To play up the flexibility of the logo, the stationery system was expanded to create color variations for some of the elements.

Kilowatt Bikes stationery featuring number 10 business envelopes, letterheads and business cards


The initial website launch provided distinct channels for visitors based on their biking needs. The site was purely informational with no ecommerce component.

Kilowatt Bikes website on a laptop Kilowatt Bikes product page

Print Ad

Ads ran in tradeshow programs to create a buzz ahead of the product launch.

Kilowatt Bikes print ad for tradeshow


Hats were used as giveaways at the booth to drive brand recognition.

Kilowatt Bikes hat giveaways for tradeshows

Tradeshow Banners

Four pop-up banners framed the booth space featuring action shots the bikes.

Coming soon magazine ad

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