The Starr Conspiracy

“If we go with this logo, I’m going to get a tattoo of it.” Kevin Mangum

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Are You a Part of the Conspiracy?

The Starr Conspiracy, a full-service digital agency, has always been known for pushing the boundaries of marketing communications in the conservative business-to-business space. The look needed to communicate a sense of mystery, intrigue and exclusiveness.


The logomark references mysterious organizations like The Skull and Bones Society and the Illuminati, and it may or may not have a hidden message if you look hard enough.

The Starr Conspiracy logo

Brand Strategy Exercises

I led the partners through several brand exercises to determine the brand personality and tone.

Mindmap of words associated with conspiracy
Forced association exercise to hone in on the brand personality
Brand traits and personalities for The Starr Conspiracy


The moodboard drives home the idea of privileged information with redacted text, surveillance footage and small bursts of red and orange. The tone is serious with viewers feeling like they have top-secret information that can’t be shared with anyone.

The Starr Conspiracy mood board

Application Boards

From shirts and signet rings to portfolio cases with handcuffs, the examples show how the brand could be applied in practical and unexpected ways.

Casual and dress style shirts featuring the octopus logomark on black
Bags, flags, business card cases and signet rings branded with the octopus logo mark
Branded attache cases with handcuffs for portfolios and book style mailers with dossiers for marketing collateral branded with the octopus mark

Brand Style Guide

The guide covered everything from logo usage to paper stock for consistent implementation across all channels and senses.

Exerpts from the Starr Conspiracy brand style guide


The stationery system featured interchangeable elements to the letterhead, envelope and business card. A common label was created with the general company contact info that could be wrapped around the card or the business envelope. Each employee was given an agent number and code name, and they were provided with a rubber stamp with their contact information to keep each card unique. This also kept cost low since we could print a large run of the card and labels. It required some hand assembly, but the effect was inline with the brand and eye-catching.

The Starr Conspiracy stationery featuring a dark gray number ten business envelope, letterhead, business card and rubber stamp

Website Information Architecture

Content inventories, wire frames and style tiles were explored for the new site.

Wireframe for The Starr Conspiracy site
Wireframe for The Starr Conspiracy site
Style tiles for The Starr Conspiracy site

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