Urban 8

159,200 Direct Mail Pieces - 1.4 Million Out of Home Impressions

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Eight Fast, Casual Dining Options Under One Roof

Urban 8 features seven unique dining options with a central bar. The space is fun and eclectic, and gives groups multiple options of cuisine. The initial campaign played up the idea of the unique flavor profiles all in one location with plates of contrasting cuisine. The look of the campaign was bold and fresh with the plates echoing the number eight to reinforce the brand.

Out of Home

Digital billboards were used as a countdown featuring empty plates leading up to the launch day. The sustaining campaign featured two different cuisine options on white plates with messaging focused on the variety.

Countdown billboards leading to opening day Now open billboard Burgers to burritos sustaining campaign billboard


Couponed free-standing inserts went out for opening week with the front featuring the sustaining campaign and the back containing information about each restaurant.

free-standing print insert with coupon

Door Hanger

Door hangers were placed in surrounding neighborhoods with a coupon to drive traffic to the new restaurant.

door hanger with coupon

Print Ad

Ads placed in neighborhood circulars helped build buzz the week before opening.

Coming soon magazine ad
  • Creative Director: Tad Dobbs
  • Content Strategist: Margie Bowles
  • Designers: Christina Rodriguez and Elijah Stewart

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