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Ice Cream Perfected

Kulfi is a traditional Southern Asian take on ice cream that is dense and creamy at the same time. Kaurina's followed the traditional recipe and had cornered the market in Dallas-area Southern Asia marts. Wanting to move into larger regional and national markets with Costco and other large grocery retailers, they knew they needed to update the look and reposition the company for the non-Asian market not familiar with Kulfi.

Positioning a New Category for the American Market

Competitive analysis of brands with traits that the client admired helped define territories to explore.

Color wheel mapped with competitors packaging colors to identify opportunities for differentiation Moodboard for adventurous explorers featuring rich colors and patterns from Southern Asia, hand-drawn typography and young groups of people enjoying frozen snacks with lots of energy. The theme line is the ice cream of explorers Moodboard for the health conscious snackers featuring fresh ingredients, simple clean colors and backgrounds, modern sans-serif type and moms with young kids exercising outdoors. The theme line is what ice cream should be. Moodboard for the gourmands or luxury lovers with images of artisan foods and concoctions with textured deep colored marble and slate greys, simple script fonts, images of bakers and cooks with great food shots. The theme line is the ultimate ice cream. Packaging design from the three territories with competitors packaging from the same categories to compare for differentiation.

Redesigned and Refined Packaging

With the decision to focus on the the more luxurious texture and price point first with the healthier than ice cream message coming second, elements from two of the territories helped inform the final design of the new packaging. The hint to the the South Asian roots comes from the the use of the paisley pattern in the background. The updates from the before and after below demonstrate the repositioning for a new category in the general grocery store market that doesn't alienate the smaller South Asian markets. The change was dramatic and eye-catching.

Before and after packaging for pistachio almond four pack snack size

Full-size, four pack featuring Malai, Pistachio Almond, Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Pyramid of four pack of full size bars for malai, pistachio almond, mango, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate

Snack-size, four pack Mango.

Close up fo the Mango snack-size four pack

Full-size, six pack Malai, Pistachio Almond, Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Pyramid of six pack of snack size bars for malai, pistachio almond, mango, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate

Variety pack for Costco markets.

Variety pack featuring 12 snack size pistachio almond, mango and malai bars

Individual wraps for South Asian marts.

Individual wraps for vanilla, strawberry, pistachio almond, mango, malai, chocolate and chikoo

Pint designs for future product lines.

Malai pint design
  • Creative Director: Tad Dobbs
  • Content Strategists: Margie Bowles
  • Designers: Tad Dobbs and Christina Rodriguez

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