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Spreading Knowledge and Sharing Hope

In an effort to raise awareness and dispel myths about Ovarian Cancer, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition ran a series of social media ads, videos and print posters targeting women of all ages. Caught in early stages, the five-year survival rates climb to over 90%, however due to non-specific symptoms and lack of definitive early-detection tests most cases are found in late stages with a survival rate of less than 30%. The campaign revolved around the idea of listening to your body and following up with doctors frequently.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Videos

The long-form video features interviews with ovarian cancer survivors and a gynecologic oncologist sharing facts, dispeling myths and providing knowledge about ovarian cancer.

Four shorter vignettes shared on Facebook and Instagram provided quick bits of information about ovarian cancer.

Social Media Ads

The Facebook cover photo tied to the campaign look and feel while social ads pushed the message out to a targeted audience. Ads featured stoic women of all ages and ethnicities wrapped in the ovarian cancer ribbon from the NOCC logo with messages of hope and empowerment.

Facebook cover photo featuring three confident women wrapped in the ovarian cancer ribbon with the message be aware Social media ads


Printed posters provided doctors and clinics a way to drive awareness with patients outside of social media.

Mother and older daughter wrapped in the ovarian cancer ribbon with the headline when it comes to ovarian cancer our bodies don't lie. Listen to yours and learn the signs at Ovarian.org
  • Creative Director: Tad Dobbs
  • Content Strategist: Margie Bowles
  • Designers: Tad Dobbs and Christina Rodriguez
  • Video Editor: Tad Dobbs
  • Videographer: Pixel Films

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